G Suite DNS verification for the domains hosted with AussieWeb Solutions

Setting up G Suite from Google requires domain name ownership verification. The most convenient way to perform this is to add a DNS record for the respective domain name. You can do this by editing the DNS zone of the domain name in your hosting cPanel.

Verification of the domain name ownership in the hosting cPanel

First and foremost, it is required to obtain the value of the verification TXT record in the Google admin account. Log in to your Google Admin console with your new G Suite credentials and proceed with the setup:

Click on Begin Verification:

In your console, click on Next in order to generate the verification record:

Choose your domain provider as your hosting provider and make sure to copy the TXT record value that appears since you'll need to use this later:

Now that you have the TXT record value, you can add it to your cPanel account.


Simply open your cPanel in your web browser and proceed to the Zone Editor:

In the Zone Editor, choose the domain name you wish to add the record for and click on Manage next to it:

Click on Add Record:

Now it’s time to paste in the TXT record that you copied earlier from Google Admin console:

Name: your full domain name
TTL: can be left as is
Type: should be set to TXT
Record: the full TXT record copied from your Google Admin console

To finish, click on Add Record.

Within 15 to 30 minutes, you may then verify the record in your Google Admin console setup:

After this, your domain name will be considered successfully verified with Google.


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